Popular Nacogdoches DJ passes away.
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Thread: Popular Nacogdoches DJ passes away.

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    Popular Nacogdoches DJ passes away.

    Houston area friends and associates of DJ Ted Stewart will be saddened to learn of his passing. Ted deejayed at KEEE/KJCS in Nacogdoches in the 80s and 90s under the air name of Scott McKay.

    Here's a link to his obit in the Lufkin Daily News.


    I knew Ted when I did news at KEEE/KJCS in the mid 80s and he was always a fun guy to be around. His late father Bill Stewart was a much loved principal at the Lufkin ISD grade school my children went to in the 80s.

    So sad. He was only 50 years old.

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    Re: Popular Nacogdoches DJ passes away.

    I worked with Ted "Scott McKay" at KEEE/KJCS as well and I echo the comments of filioscotia. It was a fun time for those of us in the market during that period as several of us managed to break into the Houston market from deep east Texas.

    I can't recall all of the names of those who moved here around the same time from the same group of stations... but i do recall Bob King and Dave Shay, who had the privilege of working with John Lander during the original Q Zoo days on KKBQ. I think Ted and Chris Allen worked at 79 Q too... There was Ernie Brown who helped me get in the door at K-Lite 93.7... and of course our engineer Mike Hudman who did the buildout that put Z107 on the air. That market also gave us Kelly McClain and a number of others over the years.

    ahh but I digress.

    Its sad to see a young life cut short.


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    Re: Popular Nacogdoches DJ passes away.

    Don't forget the East Texas Radio contributions to KILT. Including, but not limited to: RB McEntire, CJ Cooke, Jeff Garrison and Steve Rixx.

    I'll miss Scott too. We worked together in College Station and in Tyler. I was a groomsman in his wedding to Lisa. Who some of you know as the famale voice of the Vince Vance and the Valliants song "All I Want for Christmas is You."

    He did have a Houston tie working swing briefly at KHMX. After he & Lisa moved to Nashville I caught him one weekend on WSM-he still sounded great.

    My funniest radio story about Scott had to do with the song (Lets' all go down to) "Dumas Walker" by the Kentucky Headhunters. At Aggie 96, he did a backsell on that tune and then said "I wonder wonder what Mr. Walker thinks about that?"-classic.

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