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Thread: HINEY WINE Questions

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    Re: HINEY WINE Questions

    Okay...time for the "Old Man" to set things straight, again.

    Hiney Wine is the brainchild of Terry Dorsey, morning guy on KSCS in Dallas.

    He came up with bit in the 1970's while doing afternoons on WONE-AM in Dayton, Ohio. I know this because I watched him writing and reading the original scripts from a hand-written spiral-bound notebook which he kept with him at all times. He took the bit with him to WING-AM in Dayton later in the 70's and 80's. He later syndicated the feature and every other Hinery Winery since then has had the scripts.

    A few Hiney hosts may have taken the liberty of some adlibs here and there, but the original creator is Dorsey.

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    Re: HINEY WINE Questions

    Check out this great Y-100 Sonny Fox morning show aircheck from 1984. A really funny Hiney Wine bit in it...

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    Re: HINEY WINE Questions

    Just happen to run across this thread it brings back memories of WCOS in Columbia, SC in the 80's. They just did a lot of one liners most of the time but they did it so well that the town they used for the Hiney location Swanie, SC (a small town not far from Columbia complained about the people comming to town looking the Hiney Wine's location), I bet they wish they had that traffic today. That was some good memories.

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    Re: HINEY WINE Questions

    Another great bit was Dorsey doing a fictional eatery/tavern called "Babs Knieven's Bar and Grill of New Carlisle, Ohio" with sidekick John King on WING (and later on FM sister WGTZ "Z-93)in the 80s. wife and I thought it was a hoot LOL!

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    Re: HINEY WINE Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by jimwalsh2001
    I did morning drive at a "Hiney" station. In my opinion, for what it's worth, it's a one-joke routine that burns out pretty quickly...
    Not so sure that 11 years on the Rick Dees Show in LA and 13 years on The Terry Dorsey Show in Dallas plus lots of focus group interviews and research by Clear Channel and others over many years would back up your comment that it burns out pretty quickly. If done right, it can last a long, long time....over a decade........ as proven by Dees and Dorsey.

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