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Thread: Last Song Suggestions for a sign off

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    Re: Last Song Suggestions for a sign off

    Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin or DeBarge, depending on which one is most convenient.

    I know, you said it's late morning, but still...
    No irony there.

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    Re: Last Song Suggestions for a sign off

    While on the air in high school in the 70's I used Already Gone by The Eagles.

    A quick story of an accidentally fitting last song. I engineered a daytimer AM back in the 80's and I volunteered to pull the Christmas Day shift. With nothing special done for the show I called it the station's "Christmas Card" and intro'd each hour as such. Right before sign off with time for one last song I cued up a Carpenter's Christmas track on the CD player. I said my spiel, wished the audience good night and started the CD player. The beginning line of the song? "Christmas cards have all been sent." The song was Merry Christmas, Darling.

    It never occurred to me while cueing up the track and pulling the last of my transmitter readings for the night just how the song began. It sort of perked up my spirits at the end of a very long day. &
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    "I'll Follow The Sun," The Beatles or Paul McCartney's solo version
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    There's always the classic "That's All" by thee Midnighters that the late Huggy Boy use to play on 1110 KRLA Pasadena at the end of his show there daily and the final song when it flipped to a talk format. But if in doubt "Take this Job and shove it" by Johnny Paycheck.

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    The National Anthem?
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    The National Anthem is traditionally a TV sign off, but some radio stations also play it as a sign on first shift of the day. But you also brought up an interesting thought: Does anyone even sign off anymore?

    Alan Lee (not Lee Allen) always played "Thank You And Goodnight", by The Angels.
    No irony there.

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    Pittsburgh's Doug Hoerth used to use "I'm Going But I'll Be Back" by Buster Brown and
    "Hello, I Must Be Going" by Groucho Marx.

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    Pepper-Tanner "Country & Western" library, #4400, "Station Sign-Off":
    "It's time to pull, the shade on another day,
    as a happy, ending nears.
    May the good Lord, bless, and keep you,
    till tomo - rrow's sun, appears."

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiorob2.0 View Post
    "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" by Monty Pyton (Eric Idle)
    The former WQEX-TV in Pittsburgh used this as a humorous sign-off for many years.

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