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Thread: Last Song Suggestions for a sign off

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    Last Song Edward Bear - YouTube

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    If I had a show, and I want to finish it, I would use Semisonic's "Closing Time" (a little overused, though, by stations ending their old formats), Boyz II Men's "End of The Road", or NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye".

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    Easy, the Last goodbye by Jeff Buckley. Buckley dived into the Mississippi River 20 years ago fully clothed and died. His father was also a singer

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    The one departure I got to make was not original but one I heard years before when AM 570, now KLIF, in an earlier time had been a top 40 WFAA. With a change of format at Midnight, the jock simply said "Sometime, someplace, somewhere, we shall meet again on the radio". For me, I said the same and played Happy Trails "Happy trails to you until we meet again".

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    In the 70s, WCAS in Cambridge had a string of rotating sign-offs including Fred Astaire and Submarine. How about playing the late great Jack Lalanne singing "It's Time To Leave You?"

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    I'm thinking Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over" by Willie Nelson or Good Night Sweetheart, Good Night by The Spanials...

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    Although this song is from 40 years ago, this is the song you might play if you were fed up for some ungodly reason...

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    After the final good byes. The National Anthem .I was looking for that when 1220 WQUN signed off a few weeks ago and it did not happen.

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    If it hasn't been mentioned already......
    The Angels "Thank You and Goodnight".....
    Kinda "doo-wop", but it "gets the job done"!!

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