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Thread: 96 tic fm Now streaming :)

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    96 tic fm Now streaming :)


    Except i dont like the way CBS streams thier stations!!

    They use FLASH which access's REALPLAYER to play the audio.. (An MP3 file is being created while listening to the stream (In your TEMP files)) In this case "wticfm(1).mp3" .. And if you listen to the station for ALONG TIME,you end up with this HUGE FILE when you finally drop off the stream.. The file is auto deleted. (UNLESS YOU COPY IT TO ANOTHER LOCATION BEFORE DROPPING THE STREAM)

    (Then a defrag might be in order)

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    Re: 96 tic fm Now streaming :)

    Now if only it could've been the 96 TIC-FM I remember from the late 80s and early 90s? Now that was a station!

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    Re: 96 tic fm Now streaming :)

    Yes what years were they all R&B?? I cant remember now..

    @ least on the weekends they play nothing but '80s music

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    Re: 96 tic fm Now streaming :)

    WTIC-FM was never all R&B. Some hip hop and R & B was mixed in, depending on what was popular at the time. They became a Top 40 station in 1977 and remained that until June of 1994, when they moved to their current Hot AC format. Their Way Back Weekends also has stuff from the late 70s and the 90s.

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    Re: 96 tic fm Now streaming :)


    BOO HISS!!!!!!

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