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Thread: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

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    Memphis Bailey

    What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    The rumor mill going is a format change coming soon....real soon?

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    Turn it on. Sure sounds like it.

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    Go to the (old) Buzz website and you'll see this:

    The most interesting and exciting 24 hour entertainment channel in Memphis radio history will debut
    Monday morning at 10am!
    Mark your calendar and set all of your radios at work, at home and in the car to 94.1 FM.

    02 Days, 16 Hours, 43 Minutes, 08 Seconds. (countdown clock)

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    All I know is it doesn't sound like a Wolf.

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    Folks in Greensboro tell us this exactly what the "WOLF" sounded like when it kicked in. Same thing in Seattle. I heard the computer read Dixie Chicks lyrics a minute ago. Can we hear a howl. It's a good bet.

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    Oh, my! What a shock!!!!

    The Grapevine says.................

    They got rid of the air staff (save for Brad-Lord knows why...)

    Let 'em all go this PM.

    Word has it that AFTER the transition, he'll be transferred to another Entercom property.

    There must be another station they want to run in the ground somewhere...he's just the guy to do it!

    Tune in again next time (Monday)...same Bat Time (10AM), same Bat Channel (94.1), and see how it turns out!
    What are YOU lookin' at?

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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    Whats the website addy?


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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    For those of us not in the market, what does it sound like on the air?


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    Re: What's the Buzz about The Buzz??

    What does it sound like?

    Picture Stephen Hawking getting a job constantly announcing the time, and occasionally throwing in a a non-sequiter. That's about it.


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    I lost my Buzz??

    It's officially a sad day for all those who put their heart and soul into that radio station. And for the listeners of the Mid-South. I speak not only for myself, but for Kramer, Dana, Nikki, Heater, Argo, Tripp, Jules, Lana, Luke, Buck, Ryan, Tish, Brian, Tami, NIkki J. and many more. I'm leaving one persons name intentionally off of the list. I think Tripp siad it best, "he's nothing but a tool.". We worked day and night, 7 days a week to make a difference in Memphis with that station. And we were welcomed by Memphis with open arms. It wasn't just about the music. It was the lifestyle that we all shared, no matter how old we were, weather we were from the backwoods of Mississippi or the heart of Midtown. We all loved working with each other and looked forward to going to work every day. We accomplished so many things from becoming official media to Beale St. Musicfest (which was owned by Clear Channel for years), to taking bands to Sun Studios to perform in front of a live audience, the Memphis Jam concert series, saving The Peabody Rooftop parties from being cancelled and so much more. Those were the people and mindsets that we all had, and connected with our listeners, which eventually all became our friends. HELL, we even got along with the prize pigs. It'll be an up hill battle for Entercom, after the amount of people and listeners that they've made mad with changing the station so much. I guess more changes might be coming with the merger starting to happen soon. Good luck to all of our friends on Union. Where is the Happy Boy song when you need it?

    As Argo would say, "Keep spreading that Memphis love and goodbye mothership".

    And pour one for your homies from 94-1 The BUZZ :-\

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