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Thread: Jack Carney On Country92.5!

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    Jack Carney On Country92.5!

    Great to hear the legendary CT jock Jack Carney back on the Radio, this time @Country 92.5!

    WPOP, Magic104 & 'DRC!

    What's the status on Mike Wests' & Jacks' lawsuit against Buckley for age discrimination?

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    Re: Jack Carney On Country92.5!

    Jack probably won't admit it, but he briefly also worked at WBIS in Bristol between major gigs! ;D

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    Re: Jack Carney On Country92.5!

    When is Jack on? I'd love to catch him and grab an aircheck for the collection!

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    Re: Jack Carney On Country92.5!

    Heard him online Labor Day @about 6pm.

    He's been on for about a month.

    He's not on the website ( yet.

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