Music monitor of 107.9 The End (WENZ/Cleveland): 1993
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Thread: Music monitor of 107.9 The End (WENZ/Cleveland): 1993

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    Music monitor of 107.9 The End (WENZ/Cleveland): 1993

    I was going through some of my old tapes and found a composite of WENZ/Cleveland from the spring of 1993. I'd thought it would be fun to post a list of songs that was played in each daypart just to give an idea what was played on Modern Rock radio 12 years ago.

    (Mornings Drive-Brian & Joe)

    Men Without Hats- The Safety Dance
    Midnight Oil-Outbreak Of Love

    (Brian & Joe then launch into a bit called "Chainsaw Trivia", then news)

    (Middays-Marina Ferrina)

    Goo Goo Dolls-Fall Down
    Black 47-Funky Ceili
    (legal ID)
    Duran Duran-Ordinary World
    Tears For Fears-Break It Down Again
    Billy Idol-White Wedding
    Spin Doctors-How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me)
    Blind Mellon-No Rain
    Beloved-Sweet Harmony
    Smithereens-A Girl Like You
    Depeche Mode-Just Can't Get Enough
    Pearl Jam-Crazy Mary

    (Afternoons-Rick Michaels)

    The Payolias-Eyes Of A Stranger
    Love & Rockets-So Alive
    Tripping Daisy-My Umbrella
    Soul Asylum-Black Gold
    Blind Mellon-No Rain
    Nirvana-In Bloom
    Biork-Human Behaviour
    (legal ID)
    Stereo MC's-Step It Up
    Diesel-The Tip Of My Tongue
    Ocean Blue-Between Something And Nothing

    (Nights-Hurricane Wayne)

    Duran Duran-Shotgun/Come Undone
    Suede-Metal Mickey
    Arrested Development-Tennessee
    (legal ID)
    Living Colour-Nothingness
    Big Audio Dynamite-E=MC2
    Dinosaur Jr.-Start Choppin
    Spin Doctors-Two Princes
    Terence Trent D'Arby-Delicate
    New Order-Regret
    Ramones-I Wanna Be Sedated


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    Re: Music monitor of 107.9 The End (WENZ/Cleveland): 1993

    This is an amazing playlist! Really cool seeing what Modern Rock looked like 20 years ago. WENZ really had a great sound as The End when it first came on.

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    Re: Music monitor of 107.9 The End (WENZ/Cleveland): 1993

    Some great memories there. Most modern rock stations that existed prior to the grunge movement of the early 90s really did not go full-force into it. It was really the alternative stations that cropped up from about 1993-on that were initially more grunge heavy.

    Love seeing the likes of Suede and Arrested Development on this list!


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    Still my favorite!

    I remember the day WENZ came on the air- "It's the End of the World as We Know it" played all day. My life was never the same (okay, maybe a little overdramatic!). Music was never the same though. I've been on a quest the past few years, trying to compile as many songs from The End that year. I call it "The Year of the Gecko." I even had a t-shirt with the Gecko on it. I still have it somewhere, although it's falling apart, so I don't wear it anymore. But oh, how I wore that shirt, ALL. THE. TIME. Modern rock for many years lost it's variety. The Beloved with Nirvanna? And the Arrested Development, and Tears for Fears? Fortunately, modern rock is gaining some variety now, but nothing will compare to 1993 on The End! (Yes, that is a Sinead O'Connor nod). I'd be interested in hearing what anyone else might remember. Catherine Wheel: Crank? Dink (I can't think of the name of that song right now). Course of Empire: Infested. The Indians: Angels. Sigh...

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    Sorry I'm late, but would that song by Dink happen to be "Green Mind?"

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    Yes, Green Mind. I have that, and Angels. I also was able to get Helicopter Man. That was pretty obscure. Anyone know of the song Crying Mussel?

    Or how about this song, with the following lyrics?

    "This time, I know what to do
    Gotta be careful when living with you."

    "Don't try to run away
    Bridges burn you gotta cross someday"

    "I could crack anytime
    I could just lose my mind" (this is the chorus)

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