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Thread: Best Dance Station Ever!

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    Re: Cyber Radio 92.7

    > There was also a COOL
    > (NET ONLY) station in CHICAGO, called CYBER RADIO 92.7, it
    > also had a DIAL UP Real One player stream, and it was pretty
    > good.

    Thank you... that brought a big smile to my face! For those who didn't know, Cyber Radio first originated on WCBR-FM 92.7 Arlington Heights/Chicago in 1997. We were the first Chicago station to broadcast on the Internet. It was a dance/CHR format customized to Chicago. I hosted the countdown every Friday night and also served as Music Director. The nasty mice-infested broadcasting complex for WCBR-FM was where I helped out with marathon airshifts. I had to crash several times on this black pleather couch that was in the building.

    Legal problems had Cyber Radio leave WCBR-FM after a while to focus on Internet-only broadcasting. Cyber Radio even had a brief Friday night run on WCKG 105.9 Chicago in 1998 to test out broadcasts taken directly from an Internet stream onto the airwaves.

    Cyber Radio became, hosting dozens of channels of various music. It eventually closed down, a casualty of the bitter licensing fee battles that raged in Congress a few years ago.

    Of course, WCBR-FM 92.7 was bought by Big City Radio in 1998 and became KISS-FM (and later, ENERGY 92.7/5). It was a weird twist of fate when I was hired at the start of ENERGY 92.7/5 because I had worked on the 92.7 frequency during the Cyber Radio days. I had also worked as PD at the original ENERGY in Chicago, ENERGY 88.7 WLUW-FM.

    It was hilarious to know that after doing a few long shifts at ENERGY 92.7/5's spacious downtown studios, the exact same black pleather couch from my WCBR-FM days waited for me in the hallway to crash on!

    Peace Love + Dance Beats!

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    KACD/KBCD - 103.1 Groove Radio L.A.

    "KACD-FM Santa Monica, KBCD-FM Newport Beach - Welcome to 103.1, Groove Radio!"

    Enough said....

    Those of you how know what I'm talking about, I salute you!

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