Posts on boston-radio-interest mention the FCC issued several Notices of Unauthorized Operation yesterday to pirates on 101.3, 104.7, and 105.3. It was pointed out the FCC can only do so much as they need US Attorney authorization to seize equipment etc.
Many WJIB listeners wrote the FCC to complain about Big City.

One NOUO said they found 101.3 broadcasting illegally on August 14. W267CE started on August 4. Around August 16 it was noticed Big City had shut off 101.3...but the letter was issued yesterday.

A couple of the names on these letters had gotten multiple warnings before. A site called has a regular "FCC Enforcement Database" over several years and can be searched for these letters, etc.; most say warnings, a few mention fines issued and once in a great while FCC and other agencies with proper issued authority, shut pirates down.