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    Quote Originally Posted by Goi View Post
    A Lion doesn't care about the concerns of a goat. Let me know when I can collect my $160 - I take pay pal.
    First, if you go back to my post, I said I "assume he is guilty". My original point was a legal one, that he probably is still on the payroll due to legal reasons. If you have more information about this than I, please share.

    Second, calling me a goat is childish, especially since you had the wrong guy offering an opinion. Seriously. If you had even come close to identifying me, I would give you perhaps a semblance of credit.

    Please continue to post here under whatever name you choose. But please don't confuse my posts for someone else in your mind you think it is. It really is beneath you, whoever you are.

    As for the 160 dollars...if you can prove my name is Jason, I will gladly pay you 160 dollars X 10.

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