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    Quote Originally Posted by CTListener View Post
    Birth name Gerald Jacoby. Maybe he spelled it Gerry before getting into radio. The Jacoby had to go, of course, the way most "Jewish-looking" surnames did in those days.
    Obviously, we all know to whom the original poster was referring. As " Jerry " would say, only his mother would call him "Gerald". Doubt it was Jerald. Much of talk radio died with him and the rest with Gene Burns.... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by buick59 View Post
    Who is G.W. ??? It's Jerry Williams not Gerry Williams. It kind of takes away your credibility doesn't it Omnibus? Back you go on my ignore list.
    Being ignored by you is a badge of honor.... :-)

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    Jerry used to have a character 'Gerald Sir John' (I think) that used to mock the conservative commentator, Jeffrey St.John who was sort of a Limbaugh type long before Rush.
    He had a very stylized delivery who I think was on Mutual among other networks. Jerry thought he was a ham in addition to being "FOB."

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