Radio Leaves Money On the Table
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Thread: Radio Leaves Money On the Table

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    Radio Leaves Money On the Table

    Yes, here it is. Proof that radio companies are leaving money on the table. I've been saying this for years, and now we have actual statistics. Radio companies are not taking advantage of their incredible local branding by selling digital with broadcast. The reason it happens from what I can see is radio companies have put their digital platform under a different department from broadcast. Sometimes it's under technology, sometimes it's under marketing, but it's usually not included in the same food chain with broadcast. So the sales rep who is pitching the station to an advertiser doesn't mention web ads or podcasts or anything else because they only sell spots. Big mistake. Radio stations need to read this article, and then realign their departments so digital is part of the plan.

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    TheBigA-- I agree with you. Would like to see the article, but the link you listed is bad..

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    Looks like they changed the location. Here's another link:

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    The new link works. Good article, Thanks.. I completely agree with your assertion and really can't add anything..

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