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Maybe digital is such a different business that it really represents diversification and not growth.
I don't think it's a different business at all. Heck at one time CBS owned Fender Guitars and the New York Yankees. I would agree that those are two different businesses. But digital can be an integral part of broadcasting if its managed well. I think we're both saying it's not being managed well. Historically, broadcasting grew out of electronics companies like Westinghouse, Crosley, RCA, and General Electric. Even AT&T was an early investor. Over the past 25 years, radio has gotten out of the technology business. At a time when technology has exploded. Imagine if a radio company had come up with the Amazon Echo. What kind of background does Amazon have in creating such a product? Yet its a game changer. Wouldn't you say that's a different business for them? Digital is an area for growth in a business that at best is holding steady. If broadcasters don't invest in digital, they're setting the stage for their own irrelevance. They need to fix this thing.