103.3 FM simulcast of AM 1360
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Thread: 103.3 FM simulcast of AM 1360

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    103.3 FM simulcast of AM 1360

    Barely heard their signal in Kensington and Santee. Where is transmitter? Radio-locator.com says there's a CP to put it on 1360's tower in Oak Park, but it's not there. That would be too close to 103.3 translator on KURS tower.

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    It appears this is the correct map - they now include the call letters "K277DH" in the top-of-hour ID (at least during the day - didn't hear it in the evening/late night hours):


    Community of license has been recently changed from Yuma, AZ to San Diego, CA as per the FCC website - no maps were available via FCC.gov:


    As far as reception goes, I was able to pick it up near the transmitter location in Kearney Mesa on Saturday 4/22/17 and a little bit north of there on Routes 15 + 163.
    It was fighting it out with KVYB Santa Barbara and other stations on the same frequency.
    As it is, the 1360 AM signal is fairly strong in that location (even after sunset), so it seems the translator may not be that much of a help,
    unless one happens to prefer the FM 103.3 signal over AM 1360 where both are listenable.

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    Thanks pjc1961, much appreciated. Here in La Mesa, I get a mostly-unlistenable mash of this signal, and the repeater for AM 1240 K-Bright on same frequency. What brilliant minds at the FCC approved two translators (one of them 250 watts) on the same channel, in the same city, only about 7 miles apart?
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    103.3 is emanating from QUALCOMM stadium. They have changed the KIOZ-1 105.3 booster to 103.3. I find no FCC authorization for 103.3 at the stadium location.
    KVYB's summer signal will, at times, blanket all but the strongest parts of the 3 translators main lobes.

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    Just gave you some fake news. My E. San Diego contact was in error. NO FM's at the Q. I visited KGB/KOGO myself, not Kearney Mesa or the Q. Another source
    confirms 103.3 located at/near XETV property.

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    Yes Big121, I confirmed with field measurements the 103.3 translator for AM 1360 is on the XETV microwave tower in Kearny Mesa. Good signal in Kearny Mesa/Clairemont, but drops off fast north or south of there.

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    The microwave tower will be going away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big 121 View Post
    The microwave tower will be going away.

    You never know. The tower could be sold and stand in it's existing place, and space leased out to cell phone companies and to other entities, besides having an FM translator station attached to it...
    DX'er, and former master control operator at KBTC-TV and KCPQ-TV.

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    Currently the tower is licensed by the FCC, and permitted by the City of San Diego as a point-to-point microwave structure. It's current configuration would not meet the
    requirements to qualify it as a WCF (wireless communication facility) on a score of points, as specified in the City's 'WCF guidelines' .

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