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    Jeff Kuhner WRKO Ratings

    Kuhner says his ratings are THREE TIMES what Limbaugh's were in the noon to three slot...LMAO...

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    1430 is admittedly getting an asterisk in the ratings now and they run Rush,Sean etc. When Rush was on RKO yrs ago it may have been halfway decent at best.For many stations who don't want to go local at noon or who are forced to carry it (iHeart owned) he can do OK. RKO had to pay big bucks for him and opted out.

    WCCM 1110 Salem NH, now WMVX was running Rush for awhile w a talk format including launching a translator at 98.9.Then talk was abruptly dropped for classic hits as Valley 98.9 (& 1110)

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    I don't know what the actual ratings are but one of the radio trades said yesterday that Boston is the first market where a Rush station doesn't show up in the ratings. So whatever Kuhner has is a whole lot more than that blowhard. There is a reason you can barely find Rush on the air in markets like LA, New York and Chicago. Check the ratings for WLS, WOR and KEIB where Rush is the anchor. RKO beats them all 6+. I'm not a conservative talk fan but there's no disputing the topline numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tired Of It All View Post
    Kuhner says his ratings are THREE TIMES what Limbaugh's were in the noon to three slot...LMAO...
    Jeff is top 10 with adults 35-64, Rush was 20th. He is top 5 with men 25-54, Rush was 15th. Sure you could argue that advertisers don't buy those numbers, or they don't matter. Point is, he is well outperforming Rush. And last I heard, the station comes in well above it's sales budget/goals. Say what you want, WRKO is doing well.

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    They get to run more local spots and offer local content.Rush is still on maybe 500 plus stations but his newer contract is for much less money.Still there are national advertisers who want to pay. iHeart had to launch 1430 as a talker because they do make some money nationally off talk and need to clear the market, no matter how small the station is.

    In Pitt. when iHeart's FM talker went country, an AM picked Rush up--not an iHeart station but an indie. iHR may even be providing studio space for this AM (WJAS).

    Daly XXL (1510) and Salem (1260) prefer not to run Rush, Sean etc. They have their own hosts (local in case of former, national with latter).

    Admittedly when Jeff moved to noon and he expressed a desire to syndicate he did say that noon was the most important time slot for radio stations...though we in the business know it's AM and PM drive. Still they can make money with him, too. And after 7 pm with the exception of WBZ (which switches from news TO talk), local talk stations all seem to go syndie or even syndie sports (1430 has Fox Sports 1-9 am I believe). The audience isn't there as much.
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    When it comes anything Krazy K00000nah says about himself on the air, I always have to put it in this context:

    This is the same guy who was single-handedly claiming responsibility for his "rallies" (all 100 attendees) getting Justina Pellitier released from Boston Children's Hospital, announcing to his audience "...this... THIS is the one they're going to IMPEACH Obama over..."... and yes... let's not forget... WE'RE GOING NATIONAL, BAAAAAAYBE

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