Signal Question about Long Island News 103.9 WRCN
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Thread: Signal Question about Long Island News 103.9 WRCN

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    Signal Question about Long Island News 103.9 WRCN

    Did Long Island News 103.9 WRCN do something to their signal? Twice this week I picked them up in Central Connecticut. It wasn't clear, but it was listenable. Once was in the parking lot of American Eagle Credit Union on the corner of Queen and West Queen in Southington. And the other time was today. It was in the parking lot of a building on the corner of Broad Street and Andrews Street in the Forestville section of Bristol. I have never picked up 103.9 WRCN before. There's a powerful station on 103.7 in Westerly, Rhode Island (a full-power simulcast of WEEI-FM Lawrence/Boston) and there's a local station on 104.1 WMRQ licensed to Waterbury, CT and antenna on Meriden Moutnain. I wasn't using any special radio either. It's the stock radio in a 2010 Honda Civic. It don't think it was DX conditions because I didn't get any other stations from Long Island, NYC, or Rhode Island. I usually can some stations from those areas in DX conditions.

    OLDIES 92 WLNG from Sag Habor is the only Long Island station I can pick up on the car radio up here in normal conditions. I used to be able to get WALK 97.5 too, but now 97.5 is mainly a mess because of a new translator North of Hartford.

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    Yeah, last night at a similar time I picked up WMNP and WQRC in Worcester, MA. WQRC is a powerful signal in it's own right, but WMNP barely even makes it to Providence (It targets Newport primarily).

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    Perhaps WMRQ's HD was off the air?

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    Could be because of atmospheric ducting.
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    Most likely that's it, Groove -- especially since Marc said he'd never heard it before.

    And @ Marc : No special radio is needed to hear FM stations during either 'trope' or 'E-skip' conditions.
    A few times on Long Island, with things as unsophisticated as one of those old Radio-Shack AM-FM $20
    portables, we'd hear stuff from Norfolk VA on the dial as loud as the local FM's from NYC. One night all the NYC FM stations were decidedly weaker than the stations were from 400 miles away.
    The effect is the same on a car radio. Make/model/unit : Makes no difference. When those trope or E-skip stations want to come in, they just * do *.
    At times like those, just enjoy the ride :-)

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