Does anybody else hear this...?

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Thread: Does anybody else hear this...?

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    Does anybody else hear this...?

    Ever since the January 2017 Trump's Joint Session of Congress address I've been hearing an annoying noise on satellite delivered audio.

    I heard this during the above mentioned broadcast and the recent NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

    It's a two note (high and low) electronic noise that comes up during pauses of speech/commentary/play by play. (I also just heard it as a local sound bite during a local newscast.)

    Is this a new sound that cannot be corrected with all of the wonderful technology we have today?

    I am not an engineer, but a former employee in radio, so this noise is not in my field of expertise.

    Is there anyone that knows what this is, and why it has appeared in this day and age? It seems like technology has taken a giant step backwards.


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    How are your receiving these broadcasts. Cable, over the air or satellite?
    I am not hearing the tones.

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    The tones I heard during the President's Address in January was heard on TV over the air. The NCAA Basketball Finals were heard on AM radio over the air. The local news soundbite was heard over the air on an AM radio.

    The noise, which I will describe as an obnoxious buzz, is not continuous, but during what should be silences. The "buzz" is two notes, high and low, shifting back and forth every second. I don't have an audio file of the noise to share as of this writing.

    During the NCAA broadcast it was heard during the lull in play by play, but also appeared during a commercial break where it was all local except for a national commercial that also had that buzz.

    For a brief moment I thought it would be caused by the usual modern noise suspects in my house, but the fact that it came and went during local and national elements blew that idea out of the water.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm with Frank, never heard such a thing. You've heard it on TV and a local AM station?

    Especially given the limited low and high frequency response of AM, it surprises me that any sort of sub-audible tone would be heard. Tinnitus? Maybe see if you can record an audio sample and post it here.

    Oh and one more thing: If the tones start morphing into voices that tell you to kill Kelly. Please ignore them.

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    These are not sub-audible tones. It is an annoying noise on top of program audio mainly during pauses in speeches or play by play.

    The "noise" sounds like the typical European emergency vehicle siren. High note-low note-High note-low note-High note-low note-High note-low note.

    I know what sub-audible tones are having used them in recording music tapes for a Schaefer 800 automation.

    (As a separate quest: I'd love to have access to, or information about, the sub-audible tones on satellite delivered programming. Specifically, who applies them. Is it the board op that runs audio for the show, or a master control operator at the point the signal is sent to the uplink?)

    I'm sorry my initial post was confusing, but I finally figured out how to describe the noise I was hearing. So, if you've seen news items, movies or TV shows that feature said emergency vehicles then you'll understand the the type of sound I am hearing. It is a "siren type" noise with a deeper sound.

    As I said I do not have any audio files of this noise, and I'm not sure I could attach said file to my post.


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    If it makes a sound like "DEE-dull...DEE-dull...DEE-dull", it's often a battery charger of some kind, operating right at the edge of "full charge". Might be from a Solar Power system, a UPS, or just a bank of stationary batteries.
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