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Thread: Can the DFW pull in KFYO at night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rimshot View Post
    KDKA is a pretty impressive catch.

    WCJ, have you tried pulling in 1670AM out of Macon, GA? WMGE it is a Fox Sports affiliate. I pulled it in like I was driving around in Middle Georgia one night back in early April. I was driving in between Lake Charles and Lafayette and it was clear as a bell.
    Rimshot, have had t-storms in my neck of the wood past couple of mornings, but was able to pull in WMGE this morning around 0515 with a clear sky. I'm using a Sangean ATS-909X with about a 100' SW-NE long wire @ 25'.

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    The only station I'm aware of in North America that operates on 1610 is based out of Canada. At one time Jimmy Swaggert (Swaggart?) had a CP for 1610 in Central Texas. I've only gotten WOZN on 1670, they are always here starting around sunset.

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    There's CHHA Toronto on 1610. Otherwise it's the Caribbean Beacon in Anguilla, and hundreds of different HAR/TIS stations throughout the nation.
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