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Thread: Best On-Air Talent Ever In The City Of Angels

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    I am surprised no one has mentioned Mark and Brian or Kevin and Bean. Both pairs were very successful on rock stations that did not have a particularly successful (longevity wise) morning show prior to their respective arrivals. Both pairs lasted literally decades. Staying relevant and successful for that long in any format, but particularly the ever-changing active rock format, is quite the accomplishment. And M & B would still be on KLOS today if they hadn't called it quits themselves.
    For what's it's worth, Mark & Brian had the distinction of helping to topple a Mayor (of San Francisco). For awhile in the 90s, their show was simulcast on KRQR (The "Rocker"). They convinced the incumbent Mayor - Frank Jordan - to take a shower with them. The photo of the two with the not too fit Jordan - naked...from the waist up, in any case...did not play well in SF. Former Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown took Jordan out in the election that November. And everybody knew Brown had...uh...let's say...flexible ethics. But at least, nobody ever saw him naked.

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    I'd certainly agree with Kevin & Bean. But they might be too young for "best ever." Maybe "best ever" in their format.

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