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I know them all, too. It's just that I haven't heard some of them since the '80s. Several don't even make the cut on the SiriusXM channel covering that period, Prime Country. That's why I was surprised to see them on an FM, where playlists are usually smaller. There just doesn't seem to be any clear idea what songs and artists from that diverse, creative time in country music should be played today, when the genre has changed so much. Listen to the crickets chirping at country radio as Garth Brooks tries a comeback. He sells out arenas on nostalgia but can't crack a playlist. His stylistic nods to Billy Joel and Dan Fogelberg worked well on 30- and 40-somethings in the early '90s, but to reach today's 30/40 listener, he'd have to reinvent himself in the style of '90s/'00s artists -- most of whom he spent that period of his career providing an alternative to!
Anyone familiar with the music of that time frame can easily come up with a clear set of songs to test.