Radio Nerd Looking for Feedback....(Radio Production)
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Thread: Radio Nerd Looking for Feedback....(Radio Production)

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    Radio Nerd Looking for Feedback....(Radio Production)


    I have been volunteering for radio since 1993, and have been hired on 2012 for a community radio station. I have been a big fan of radio since my child hood in the 1980s. I have done have a deep love of radio since then, and just need some critique of my radio productions I have done. I want to advance in radio and in improve the art in it like many of your guys can relate to. Here is my link, I have done. Any constructive advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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    Sounds as good as anything else out there. Apply for jobs and see if you can land one. That's the only way you'll ever advance.

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    I'd suggest the same advice as well as making all the friends you can in stations you like or think you'd like to work. You'll hear about openings and have a better chance at getting hired because you are known to at least someone on the staff.

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