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Thread: KYW 1060 no longer broadcasting snow-day school closing numbers

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    By the time KYW was the only one doing school numbers, it no longer mattered to me to pay close attention (I knew they would still stop for traffic, which on days like that was my primary reason to check in), but I do recall at a certain hour WIP would stop reading the full list and only do new additions--maybe 8 am? Not sure if KYW followed any system like that, though it would possibly make sense seeing that the value in the numbers is considerably earlier in the morning.

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    I think we see less of this now because a LOT of schools (particularly Catholic schools) have closed since I was a kid.

    And most public school districts are using texts and robodialers to spread the word.
    Our office gets a call every time the local school district shuts down.....although none of us have kids there.

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    I can remember back in the day working at stations and fielding phone calls during storms. Kids would endlessly call and ask if there was school in their town/district. We'd tell 'em "listen to the radio!" Quite often the response was, "I don't have a radio!" C'mon, really???

    In 2017 I imagine the same thing happening, "Check our website". "But I don't have a computer". C'mon, really?

    Of course, this was in an upper-middle class area. Your mileage may vary.
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    When you clear hear another (out of town) station in the background, you want to say "I don't know, what did Bob and Tom say?"

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