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    "And then you can attend meetings, where grey hared white guys can argue about what color the group embroidered polo shirts will be. Important, life saving stuff like that.. "

    I am pretty sure I am being trolled. I can only assume the poster has never operated in an EOC during an emergency.

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    Nope, not trolling, making an accurate statement. The facts are that amateur radio hobbyists that are part of these groups, typically are only interested in forming what amounts to an exclusive club and their uniforms therein, than actually being useful when needed. And believe it or not, I'm a ham too.

    The facts are that here in the U.S., I've discovered that neither groups have a document-able track record of participating in events like the terrible flooding in Texas or the Midwest this past year. 99% are nothing but a lot of talk and bluster.

    Most of the individual radio amateurs that actually step into help when needed, are not ones involved in these organizations.

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