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Thread: 96.5 AMP WZMP flips to AC As "Today's 96.5"

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiodx10 View Post
    There are a handful of stations that might do a flip within the next five years I would say.

    1. Clearly Today's 96.5
    2. 95.7 (in terms of re-branding, but I think the current format will stay with light tweaking)
    3. 93.7 and/ or 99.5.

    I mean come on. 93.7, 99.5, 106.1, 96.5 and 101.1 all play pretty much the same damn songs. There are a few minor differences, but not really. Something's gotta give.
    I'm not sure WSTW or WJBR will do any format changes in the near (or distant) future. Remember, they are not looking for Philly advertisers or listeners. They are blessed to have great signals in Philly and NJ, but they are shooting for Delaware and Delaware County businesses. They market also includes some MD, but when I worked in that market, there was little in terms of advertising from that area.

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    WSTW and WJBR are consistently--and by leaps and bounds--the highest rated stations in their market. WSTW may continue playing with the line between Top 40 and Hot AC but that would be about the only change I could conceive of between those two stations. Delmarva and Beasley, respectively, would be nuts to blow them up.

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    On my hd readout it says WTDY so I guess they changed calls TDY = today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsmoke View Post
    On my hd readout it says WTDY so I guess they changed calls TDY = today.
    I believe it officially changed over Sunday or Monday. It doesn't mean much of anything to the average joe, but it's cool to us nerds.

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