Dec (Really Nov) 6+ Ratings
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    Dec (Really Nov) 6+ Ratings

    Not a single survey day in December, but here are the 6+ numbers for December*:

    No big surprises, but KEZ makes it's usual run for double digits thanks to All Ho-Ho-Ho music. Nice showing by classical KBAQ. And we'd be remiss in not congratulating Mother Hubbard's KAZG with its 1.3 share. Oldies that KOOL doesn't want to play live on 14~Forty, 92~Seven, and 93~Three HD~Too. Mele Kalikimaka from Los Buckeye Beach Boyz.

    * the real December numbers will be reported in the Holiday book. Hmmm...maybe the new Prez can make Nielsen great again by learning the calendar!
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