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    Quote Originally Posted by jhirzel88 View Post
    Yes, WSOU and WKCR are two college-owned stations that cover the New York metro pretty well. Their HD signals do a decent job. Both of them use HD-2 subchannels. Even though their HD signal only has half the range of their FM signal, one cost-effective approach to this is they can stream their HD-2 channels.
    Neither of those stations really covers the NYC MSA very well.

    Out of 18.8 million in the Metro Survey Area counties, WSOU puts a 65 dbu over 2.3 million people. WKCR does a lot better, reaching more than half the market with a usable coverage area of 10.8 million.
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    Oh my, our 60 dbu contour covers about 93,000 people
    Thats LPFM for you Sounds like we're gonna have a really good time with this.

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    As mentioned, you may want to consult with Nautel, but in theory, as long as your transmitter/Power Amplifier is wideband enough and with enough headroom, you could probably low-level combine the analog and HD into a single amplifier/transmitter. You would have to add some pretty steep RF filters on the output, and replace your existing antenna with a high quality commercial broadband antenna. The station would have to also purchase and install the more expensive exciter, exporter, and pay Ibiquity fees. No matter what your class of station, HD is a steep capital expense.

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    There are several possible methods for producing an HD signal. One is low level combining which has already been covered pretty well. An alternative is to use an HD transmitter to feed a separate antenna. Sometimes, this is more cost effective, depending upon your circumstances.

    Something also to think about is that LPFM stations can own up to two translators. One or both could rebroadcast HD signals, thus expanding the program offerings of the LPFM.

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    I did get lots of good info from Nautel. We can do it from the transmitter and their exciter importer and exporter is ready made for the transmitter we have. I already have the quotes and set as far as that. The transmitter is adjacent to our studio, so no STL concerns. The need for added RF filter is new to me (thank you).

    The problems as I see it, from a novice perspective, is the TPO headroom isn't there for a single bay antenna. The antenna is also very narrow band so real changes will have to made there and two bays will be needed. Jampro is another great bunch of folks they're setting up the antenna system to be HD friendly.

    This juuuust might work

    I guess I should add: The whole antenna system has to fit on a 2" pipe mast on our roof. So we're fairly limited as to space. We can have a 1/2 spaced two bay with a low physical profile -- no tower -- this is LPFM all the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Martin View Post
    The antenna is also very narrow band so real changes will have to made there and two bays will be needed. Jampro is another great bunch of folks they're setting up the antenna system to be HD friendly.
    Some antenna designs are more narrow than others. For example, the common "ring-stub" antenna is setup for the specific frequency and being off the channel by more than a few hundred kHz will start to see reflected power. Ring-stubs should to be wide enough to handle HD, too, but might not be optimum. A more wide-banded approach is the "double-V" design favored by Jampro, PSI, Nicom and others. I have personally loaded a 103.3 tuned antenna with a 105.7 transmitter and only had 2-3W reflected for 250 forward. Because the double-V antenna tends to be more than a mHz wide, it can easily handle HD. Even broader are the "rototiller" designs like those made famous by ERI.

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    Thanks for that, Kmagrill -- I'm sure you're right, but I hope I can get the JLCPs to work because they have such low wind drag and the mast can't be guyed. But, alas; physics is physics...

    I'm going to miss the single bay match we get. It's so good that I'm sceptical of the readings (less than 1 watt reflected with 274 forward). That's of course, unless a good sized bird decides to sit on the antenna for a little rest and ruin the match enough to cause a power foldback. Caught the big guy landing and sure enough, I get a SWR power foldback alarm on my phone. He takes off and everything's back the normal. I'm told a 2-bay won't be so affected by birds. Wow! Something to look forward to already

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