Hi to all, this is the sixth thread (out of six planned) that I'm starting...

I am seriously trying to find out whether any radio stations in Alaska had any kind of top tunes lists earlier than 1960. I have managed to find one from KFQD Anchorage from 1961, but I am guessing it is very likely that such things existed in the late Fifties, perhaps from that station or some other station.

Generally I am talking about the paper sheets that people could pick up every week at the local record shop, and often listed and ranked as many as 40 to 60 songs, from #1 to the bottom of the chart.

Any knowledge of any kind will be very useful to me. That would include anything that may have appeared in any local newspaper, which could include a published list from one or more different radio stations. Some U. S. and Canadian cities had weekly newspaper columns showing Top Fives or Top Tens as reported by local radio stations.

This is a VERY serious quest, and I will be very grateful for any knowledge that may exist. Thank you.