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Thread: Pacifica disintegrating?

  1. #71 has an article about Pacifica. Trump is a glimmer of hope. But basically unless a sugar daddy drops dead and leaves them millions, I don't see how they can survive. They just defaulted on their 2015 pension plan payments, haven't gotten their 2014 or 15 audits done yet therefore have lost their CPB match. And KPFK in Los Angeles just lost a labor arbitration for $250K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radiotwit View Post
    KPFK in Los Angeles just lost a labor arbitration for $250K.
    The staff is sucking them dry. Not what the founders intended.

    Sure, Trump should be a motivation for them to band together to fight the new enemy. But they have already met the enemy, and it is themselves.

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    WBAI, NY and WPFW, Washington DC are losing money like crazy. LA is starting to now. Berkeley doesn't have the chops to support 4 stations. Pacifica has 4-5 million in debt (not including Democracy Now I think) so I think the fat lady is in dress rehearsals.

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