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    What Are Reputation Points

    I checked the notification alert and found I have "reputation points." There seems to be 10 of them. It points to a particular thread. What did I do, or not do, to earn these "points?"

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    You said something that somebody liked, agreed with, or both. You can give it, as well as receive it. I've given several, and received some myself.

    See the little emblem that looks like a Sheriff's badge, next to the "Send PM" prompt? Click on that, on the post that you like, and the user that penned it will receive a rep point. Once you click on the tab to view, the site will take you directly to the post that got you the positive rep. The system also tells you who sent the reputation, just in case you wish to drop a quick thank you in that particular person's inbox.

    You're doing pretty well with 10 rep points, wavo. Hope I've helped you.

    Edit to add: I just sent you a rep point so you have a fresh template to explore.
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    Thanks, Purple. I was afraid I had upset someone.

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