WLIX FM Is a Great Radio Station...Translator Stations ?
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Thread: WLIX FM Is a Great Radio Station...Translator Stations ?

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    WLIX FM Is a Great Radio Station...Translator Stations ?

    Just started listening to WLIX FM...anyone know if they can or have any translator Stations in Queens ?

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    Betw Hazleton and Pottsville PA ; Allentown closest market
    Hya MxRx and crew. (I just yesterday found this board listed; used to work for WLIX back when it was B/M and a 250-watt daytimer just s t a r t i n g to get its format clock cleaned by WCTO Huntington 94.3)

    But I've been away for a few decades. In fact, I used to live very near Ridge. A few questions if I may .....

    Is there any connection between the 540 and the FM?
    What is the format for the FM? You know, maybe just a list of artists for :15 will explain more.
    Is the place live at least part of the day?
    Is it non-commercial?

    The onliest somewhat-nearby LPFM I remember actually showing up in a book is WOLD from Woodbridge NJ. They run 16 nominal watts vis-a-vis 21 for WLIX.

    Radio-Locator lists WLIX as having a network, of two other LPFMs out in Eastern/Central Long Island. Might one of those be an easier catch for your enjoyment, MusicRadio? Depends on where you live, I guess.

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