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Thread: Fix the damn mobile site

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    Fix the damn mobile site

    Everytime I log in here using my phone I can get logged in and then as soon as I go to a new page I'm logged back out and sometimes I'm not on the mobile site and other times I am!! It won't allow me to post in the Houston-Galveston forum and it's really starting to piss me off!!! fix the damn thing!!

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    Be sure you click the "REMEMBER ME" box. It will keep you logged-in as you go from board to board.

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    Is there something up with the mobile site? I went to the desktop site on my phone and now every time I click on the "Mobile Page" at the bottom of the page, I just end up at the home site on desktop mode. Is there a specific link to the mobile site? I just can't seem to go back to it anymore.

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    I had that problem at one time on my Samsung phone and found out I had to log out, switch to the mobile site, and then log back on.

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