Firstly, I realize this post doesn't exactly fit into "policy discussions" so excuse that part please, Mr. Moderator, and feel free to move it to another board here as you see fit. I just wanted to get it to a main board here where hopefully everyone sees it as not everyone goes to the Games forum.

Secondly, I want to announce that the Fantastic Word Game (TFWG as you undoubtedly know I prefer) celebrates 9 years on Radio-Info/Radio Discussions on Thursday Dec 3rd. That's 9 years and counting; 3,294 pages and counting (towards our goal of 10,000 pages); 32,932 replies and counting; over 1 million views and counting.

We were born on Radio-Info and thrived for years. Contributors came and went. Radio-Info came and went. We came back with Radio Discussions and we're still here. There aren't as many of us as there were in the first years but we're still here, still moving along towards our goal of 10,000 pages.

If you contributed in the past, thank you and come back for an anniversary visit. But remember, don't just pop in to say hello. You must remember to contribute; you must remember to use the previous bolded ending clue, bolding that, and bolding your new ending clue. And you must put your dialogue (wishing us a Happy Anniversary) in italics. All of us, especially Miss Silkie, appreciate it.

I would like to thank the previous and current management of Radio Discussions as well as the previous management of Radio-Info. Thanks also to our core group of regulars and semi-regulars including dmargalotti, Silkie, scanman, Darth, CTListener, Kenny, MarcB, and many more including our good friend, the late great Anyacat, who left this world a few years ago.

Again, if you've ever visited us before, please come back. Check us out. Stay awhile.

Happy Anniversary!