I was a regular participant on this board for a number of years.

Several years ago the prior management, abruptly and without any prior warning
or explanation, terminated my account.

I was absolutely dumbstruck as to why. I had not posted any profanity. I rarely use it in my daily
life and never in my writing. I had not picked any fights with anybody. We all have the right to
our opinions and I really have no desire to get into online fights with anyone. And I had not libeled
anybody to the best of my recollection. Nor had I posted any copyrighted material or uploaded any
malware. I read the very lengthy Terms of Service over and over again, and I just could not figure
it out.

It was very frustrating because they absolutely would not give me an explanation.
I see that participation on this board has dropped to a tiny trickle of what it once was, the sad
but clear byproduct of over-aggressive moderation IMHO.

I just want to compliment the current management for this thread. At least the people who have
been banned or suspended can now see WHY that action was taken. And you have taken steps to
make the rules of the road simple and clear, without burying them in 18 paragraphs of legalese.
I think that will, in the end, make for a much more positive user experience for everybody.