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Thread: "A Prairie Home Companion" without Garrison Keillor

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    http://www.wsj.com/articles/radios-e...sis-1466111586 WSJ on public radio's existential crisis.Hosts retiring or passing away;younger listeners preferring podcasts.Mentions the passing of the torch for APHC and that once Whad Ya Know ends this month, Michael Feldman plans a podcast.

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    One feature I won't miss. Ben the Artist. I do like the man who can't hear. But last week I was trying to EAT. Why don't they consider this?

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    It's not right.

    I hope others want reruns instead. It's not the same show. I only had it on in the car since "Car Talk" was the fund-raising edition and I'll have to listen online now. No incentive to turn on a radio that was off.

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    There has already been at least one rerun, and it's with the new guy.

    And Dwayne's mother is STILL on. With a legitimate reason to complain about Dwayne not being around. I do like his father ...

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    I don't know if the astronauts going to Mars are new or whether they're a regular feature. But their mission will take longer than expected. The date they return to Earth is now January 20, 2021. Or perhaps January 20, 2025.

    And there's increased interest in moving to Mars. Especially in the last two weeks.

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