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    Cool 100 point One KVNA Flagstaff

    100.1 FM is now One hundred point one, Adult alternative streaming:


    I don't want to get my hopes up; too much. Yavapai Broadcasting please don't change it.

    The local talent mornings is great; with thoughtful in-depth mid-hour newsbreaks. There is smile on my face Monday evening, kicking it AZ Adult album mix.
    Not everything is satellite fed. Which is a bonus.
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    Jul 2003
    Northern Arizona
    As a follow up --
    Having learned a bit more about this LOCAL Flagstaff station; I wanted to suggest listening to 100 point One when you visit Northern AZ. ( or stream it online )
    KVNA is indeed locally originated and should be getting lots of kudos for their quality adult alternative programming.

    Yesterday, mid-day hostess, Jules, blew us away with this great song.


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    After reading the preceding fusejockey posts, I thought I'd give KVNA a listen. It is
    surprisingly good and that coming from someone who generally would never like or
    appreciate the music/format. I've changed one of my FM presets in the car and plan
    to listen who I get tired of some of the other stations......

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