English language news/talk stations in Asia?
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Thread: English language news/talk stations in Asia?

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    English language news/talk stations in Asia?

    I'm digging deep to find radio streams with the most news/talk in English?

    My focus is on non-English speaking majority places.

    I've found:

    BFM in Malaysia (business)
    938live in Singapore
    Radio Hong Kong 3
    Dubai Eye
    KBS in Korea with an all English stream
    ICRT in Taiwan

    I am trying to find more stations that essentially provide news/talk in English for that country itself.

    The big holes in my hunt:
    Japan (beyond NHK)
    More Arab world based stations

    I do wish the international services/external services would consider some English-only streams with content from their archives mixed in with the new. There is no reason to just carry your shortwave multilingual stream as one station. Very confusing for the Internet generation.

    BTW, many of these stations are ending up in my Android app (and eventually my website): http://1radionews.com

    Steven Clift

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    I think Voice of The Phillipines - DZRJ 810 in Manilia

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    In Japan, the Meganet FM stations including InterFM in Tokyo carry English language programming. Japanese broadcast law has strict laws about non-Japanese (e.g. foreign language) programming on commercial FM stations. Foreign language stations are their own class of stations and are limited to the major metro areas (Tokyo, Osaka, etc.). InterFM is one of those stations.

    The new community stations that have been popping up in Japan over the past few years do not have the language restriction. I am not aware of any running English programming. I once appeared on a show for Radio City/Chuo-FM (JOZZ3AX-FM) that was a hybrid English/Japanese language program.

    Also, in the Tokyo area, American Forces Network's Eagle 810 kHz is still running loud and proud.

    NHK Radio 2 does carry blocks of English and other foreign language programming.


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    DZMM 630

    RadYo5 is another one with English/Tagalog mix on their talk stations in the Philippines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioPatrol View Post
    DZMM 630

    RadYo5 is another one with English/Tagalog mix on their talk stations in the Philippines.
    Radyo5 at 92.3 FM is the largest known FM News/Talk station in Manila. DZMM 630 AM the ABS-CBN O&O for News/Talk just had their 30th anniversary a few months ago during the Philippine presidential election.

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