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Thread: Any Hot AC's still playing 80s music?

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    B98.5 in Atlanta.

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    105.3 in San Antonio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atthestars View Post

    But as more Hot ACs are inching their power spin totals up, Star keeps theirs down.
    Hope it's ok to ask, what is a "power spin"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMR View Post
    Hope it's ok to ask, what is a "power spin"?
    Another way of defining the rotation for the biggest current hits that play more often than any other category.

    For example, let's say you have 12 currents in "power" and you play four per hour. Your "power spin" turnover is three hours.

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    Depending on how you define Hot AC, B106 Columbia SC may be on the list. When the classic hits station changed, B106 started playing more classics, even though it had switched from AC to Hot AC.

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    WNNK in Harisonburg still does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden eagles97 View Post
    B98.5 in Atlanta.
    That's an AC not Hot AC. During request hours, KPLZ plays a fair amount of 80s, and KBKS plays some as well.

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