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Thread: the Alternative genre seems to forget its heritage

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    Alternative really isn't a musical genre. It's a radio format. It's a label -- and a flexible one at that. It's also a convenient term used by some music fans to describe their favorite music so they can appear stylish. And it fools lots of people.

    I remember when the top three or four selling artists in the U.S. (during the mid 1990's) -- we're talking millions of albums, millions of fans, albums entering the Billboard charts at number one -- these artists were still considered "Alternative" by the radio industry. "Alternative" acts -- after three or four number one albums. "Alternative" to what?

    I remember asking one of the radio programmers I knew at that time "how can these acts be considered 'alternative' when they are the biggest acts in the country, and their style of music is actually more mainstream than "mainstream rock"?

    The answer I got was, well, 'just because'.

    It's just a label. A convenient label.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boombox4 View Post
    It's just a label. A convenient label.
    I was agreeing with you up until you typed "convenient". Labels are very convenient when they mean something. If they don't mean anything, then there are an inconvenient source of confusion. All of the points you make, which I happen to agree with, further demonstrate how totally inconvenient the label is.

    And for the record, "alternative" did, at one time, have a meaning of its own among musicians. But it became blurred and went away.

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