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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamic_Mike View Post
    I wasn't on the air then, but here's a shot of the Main Studio at WDEW from the 80's with yours truly.
    CORRECTION on my previous post...

    I meant WJMQ.....not WDEW.

    I'm having trouble keeping track of all the callsigns where I worked...
    It's tough getting old.....!!!!!

    WDEW = "We Do Everything Wrong"...!!!
    But that's another story for another topic....
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    That's really cool! I like seeing these pix from it!

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    A blast from the past Dick Peters! I am new to this forum, but once was actually employed at WJCC...right out of High School in fact in the 80s. Dick, you were a Saturday afternoon favorite with the oldies in the early 80s!

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