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Thread: What's the worst sounding station you've heard?

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    Re: What's the worst sounding station you've heard?

    Quote Originally Posted by NightAire

    It didn't take me long to find the website, but if you want to listen and giggle along, it's http://www.wslvradio.com/. Their latest Twitter update, posted on the page, from 19 days ago, was:

    "what's happening"
    And now at 104 days, same Twitter update. :P

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    Re: What's the worst sounding station you've heard?

    I loved the WSLV clips posted earlier; I modified the Wootens Collision commercial to "seem" local,
    changed "Ardmore" to to "Ardmore Ave", as here in Chicago.
    I edited all the swap shop phone numbers so I could run it...
    Appreciation is a sliding scale.
    I wish I could have heard some of the 1920's hobbyist stations.
    Good/Bad is not even relative but fresh is.
    As a major market resident, I always appreciate perspective from everywhere, and find always/ever/perfect
    major market production/presentation a fine thing, but there's nothing finer than hearing a 250w daytimer
    on a remote out at the county fair on a walk through of the Poultry exhibit.
    Time iteself changes then, and radio brings to me in the city what major market radio never could.

    "Worst" is a linguistic tool that too easlily becomes the property of those who see only money,
    defining what will be acceptable to place valuations upon.

    I love WSLV. Unfortunately it won't connect now on the live link... >
    Valparaiso Technical Institute 1982, Analog engineer, AM pt 15, inventor with 2 issued patents, former SW pirate. Now offering antique radio repair/restoration and alignment.&nbsp; Stop just wishing that old radio worked!<br />AM1620 podcasts -&gt;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; http://thomasjwells.podomatic.com/

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    In response to the person who was talking about wduf radio, just to let you know that was my wonderful father & his radio station. The ole ridgerunner. My father had more talent than a lot of ppl could ever have. For over 50 yrs that man worked in radio & bmuegrass was his baby. He was with the grand ole opry for several yrs in carl smiths band & they traveled many places but the opry was their home back in the 50's. To each his own but to speak of my dad in that way i did not like esp when you referred to him as dead. Yes he died on 2007 after my mother in 2005. The station was their baby & myself & my sister worked on air also as dj's along side my father. It must have not been too bad of a station as the people in that area loved him & our music. We were on air over 25 yrs before their deaths forced us to have to shut the doors. People loved us & the station & hated to see it go. But please understand my father was someone who was admired & looked up to. They followed him & i still see some who just miss him as i do. He was in radio over 50 yrs. He was great at what he done. The people loved the things he talked about. So please be kind.

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    WDUF...only had the privilege to hear it once. Wife and I camped in the Duffield area back in 1995 and we kept our radio on WDUF the entire time. Sad to discover a few years ago that WDUF isn't around anymore.

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    In my most humble opinion (and I do NOT intend this comment to start a religious fight and upset Mr. Berry) it is WAOB in Pittsburgh. It is owned by a splinter Catholic group, and actually broadcasts on THREE frequencies (106.7, 860 and 1510).

    The people who own this station are a minority group of old-school Catholics who want to go back to the days of Gregorian Chant and the Latin Mass. In fact Gregorian Chant is one of the things you can hear on WAOB regularly. Along with long, dry, deep-in-the-weeds dissertations on Catholic theology. And, something that you are taught to NEVER do in radio.....long stretches of DEAD AIR.... intended for personal prayer and reflection. Plus lots of technical glitches (like the live broadcast of the Mass where the microphone is placed so far away, in such an echo-prone position, that you have absolutely no idea what is being said by anyone).

    I don't mean to denigrate these folks or their beliefs, but from a pure radio listener's perspective it is a painful slog.
    And it's really not a very effective tool for evangelizing if your goal is to reach out and try to generate interest in Catholicism.

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