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Mother just paid $1.8 million for 92 point 7 ... setting the all-time record (I believe an FM Translator). It's so fitting that the longest thread in the history of radio boards would ultimately become someone a record price to move the infamous Lamptimer to an FM translator. It will still be powered by KDKB HD Two

Double YIKES!!

Guess the Goldminers won't be getting their usual 1.5% wage increase this year. Nurse Jeff and I've wondered for some time why Mother Hubbard didn't participate in the land rush for translators when Class C & D stations were given first choice. She could have lassoed one from W Bumphuq, N.M. for 20k, and not involved KDKB HD~Two. But since putting Oldies on 92~Seven, that's given Mom's cluster something to monetize at Lumberyard 14~Forty (although we still miss Radio Sri & Hindi Hits).

Yes indeedy, this thread just might outlive our '76 Gremlin....plus it's lot less embarrassing!